Average Ta'Ruui Individual

General Information
Name: Ta'Ruui
Alias(s): Tentakin, Roekin
Language: Lisk'is
Population: Unknown
Average Height: 8ft~
Average Weight: 100 lbs - 1 ton+
Offspring: 1-2 young
Abilities: Magic, Strength
Magic: Varies
Intelligence: Humanlike
Lifespan: 70 - 150~ years
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: Thun'Aruui
Location: Across the Galaxy
Political Information
Government Joint Matriarch/Patriarch in Tribal Communities
Notable Factions N/A
Political Region N/A
Hostility Moderate
Deities: Secha'Ruuia
World Information
Universe Scales


The Ta'Ruui have a long and recently troubled history. This peaceful race of peoples

Taxonomy & Evolution

Subspecies [See Artificial Subspecies]


Anatomy and Physiology


Sight -

Taste and Smell - These senses are so intertwined that Ta'ruui do not consider them separate.

Infrared Pits -

Touch -

Hearing -

Tsume - Pronounced 't-suum', A sense Ta'Ruui describe as 'bond'. It is unclear wether it does or does not exist, but is held in high value among Ta'Ruui. Tsume is explained to be the innate sense of connection and making bonds with others. While Ta'Ruui believe most (but not all) creatures carry this sense, research has not provided any measurable rubric for it.

Life Cycle


Ta'Ruui are omnivores, preferring meats and soft fruits or vegetables. Ta'ruui will prepare great meals, making use of local herbs, spices and minerals.


Medical Care

Habitat & Origin







Arts & Trades



Relationships with other races

First Contact


Slave Trade

Individuals of Note

Artificial Subspecies


Prima'Ruui - In the continued study of Ta'Ruui genetics and pushing the boundaries, an effort was made to 'reverse evolution' to explore ancient forms and body types of Ta'Ruui of the past. The result is the Prima'Ruui, a fairly accurate representation of a Ta'Ruui precursor. All Ta'ruui are evolved from aquatic ancestors, with Prima'ruui possessing multiple powerful tendrils and efficient gills. They do possess a lung and can breathe air, but being out of the water for extended periods are considered uncomfortable.

Prima'Ruui are vicious apex predators, hunting in smaller packs that act as family units. They feed exclusively on live prey. They lack the ability to speak beyond hisses, chirps, clicks and bellows, but they appear intelligent enough to learn and understand commands and language. They will stash things they like in nooks and crannies within coral or sea caverns, and like to make big cuddle piles. They have the unique ability to change their skin color and patterns using photophores and chromatophores, allowing them to blend into their environment. It is thought they use their dewlaps for communication and posturing.


Kitha'Ruui - The Kitha are quadruped Ta'Ruui that are used for multiple purposes. They are no less intelligent then their kin, but are treated as if they are. They can be used as both beasts of burden, guardians, or hunters. Like all Ta'Ruui they seek to please their 'community', and will actively track down and hunt other members of their kind at their command.


Den'Ruui - The miniature version of the Kitha'Ruui workhorses. Den'ruui get no larger than four feet at the shoulder, but are usually much smaller. They are dainty, slim, delicate creatures meant mostly to be indoor lap-dogs and pets. They seek readily to please their masters, and appear to have a weaker intelligence capacity compared to their kin.


Mala'Ruui - The winged Ta'Ruui. These swift and powerful fliers are good messengers and warriors in battle. They tend to startle easily and are more difficult to gain the trust of, but as usual when you do they are very affectionate. This subspecies is especially alert and prone to startling and becoming aggressive, and need additional training and companionship.To enfold you in their wings is a great complement.


Rae'Ruui - If Ska'Ruui are dragons, then Rae'ruui are the wyverns. Able to take to both air or water, they do not possess any normal limbs at all, instead just a great pair of wings along with their tendrils. Rae'Ruui are almost exclusively magic users of air or water, whatever one determining their preferred environment. Rae'Ruui are exceptional long-distance gliders and swimmers. They are noted for sleeping by enfolding themselves nearly completely in their wings, giving the appearance of a pod-like structure. Sometimes, they will even hang upsidown from their tails this way. Rae'Ruui are flighty, but extremely sociable, and take on to newcomers easily.


Hexa'Ruui - These thinner, more agile Ta'Ruui have heightened magical abilities, and often need to be contained and controlled with collars or devices. They have four limbs instead of two, and are excellent at delicate work. They also possess a larger fifth eye which can see in extra wavelengths. Hexa'Ruui tend to be more fragile and smaller then their other kin.


Tora'Ruui are the biped members of the Ta'Ruui, created to fulfill various menial tasks that are better suited to one with humanoid limbs. They often act in armies as fighters and assassins. They are also the most prone to escaping along with the Gora'Ruui. Out of all the Ta'Ruui, the Tora'Ruui are least affected by lack of companionship, but they still crave it and function best with it. They will not wither like many of their kin.


Gora'Ruui - Nicknamed the world gorger Ta'Ruui, these monstrous Ta'Ruui have been changed for the worst. Unlike their kin they never stop growing through their lives and become massive. They are still intelligent, but do not have much magical potential to show for it. They do not have any limbs at all, except for horrible extensions of their massive hoods. They are often used to protect estates, property, or perform in gladiatorial battles. As they get older and larger they are harder to keep, with the sheer amount of food they possess and difficulty containing them, not to mention requiring to be kept in pairs. And Gora'Ruui are extremely aware of their power. When all else fails they are usually executed if they begin to be a problem.


Derived from the mutant group, Abyssal Ta'ruui were originally created by the sea race known as the Hamaug. They were made to be compatible for their ocean home world of Amag'Kanak. Originally they acted as deep sea guard dogs for the deep underwater resorts and palaces. But the Hamaug have warmed up to them as being companions who are loyal to a fault. Abyssals are best kept in a group of their own kind, and will sleep together in big piles.

They have a high tolerance for temperature fluctuation and can withstand the water pressures of the deep. Part of this adaptation was the loss of traditional eyes for a shielded sensory organ. They can sense light, and will communicate silently with bio-luminescence, something every Abyssal possesses. They also have a special feature: Highly Sensitive Echolocation.

It is thought that the population is well enough established to be considered its own breed, or at least sub-breed within the Ta'ruui lineages. However the Hamaug highly prize them, so its rare one is given up to be taken offworld.

Abyssals must always return to the water at some point in the day and are most comfortable there.

Successful Subspecies Crossbreeds


Zoth'Ruui - A first generation cross between a Mala'Ruui and a Hexa'Ruui that has successfully become its own breed. These bizarre creatures cannot fly, but have inherited the keen magical potential of the Hexa'ruui. These Ta'ruui are also best suited for aquatic environments, being excellent divers able to make use of their otherwise reduced wings. They are often kept for show for their weird looks, and there is rumor that this breed was influenced by dark forces that corrupted their form in the first pairs. However, they do not exhibit the same abilities or instability of the new plague of corruption. These Ta'Ruui tend to be insecure, needing extra comfort and attention from their community or owners.


Ska'Ruui - The dragons of the species. These are a deep cross between Mala'Ruui, Kitha'ruui, and trace Gora'Ruui. These elegant creatures are powerful and extremely rare due to their extreme price, and difficulty of handling and care. They tend to be temperamental and picky, preferring to destroy themselves over being forced into undesirable company. And in the event of finding desireable company, they will refuse a new partner/master if something happens to their original.

While just as stubborn and intelligent as their kin, their full size makes them particularly challenging, being the second largest breed next to the Gora'Ruui. The best success tends to be exposing them to potential partners at a young age, and providing company in the form of other Ta'Ruui. The exception to this rule is other flying breeds of Ta'Ruui. Ska'Ruui's temperamental attitudes make them intolerant of other fliers, but tend to bond particularly well with Kitha'Ruui and Normal Type. They have a moderate control over magic, usually breath weapons, and make loyal and vicious fighters and guardians.


Variants and mutations that have not been established as 'official' breeds are simply labeled as mutants in the trade. In order for a mutant to become an established breed, it must follow the following criteria outlined by the Xenogenetics Coalition Manual for Ta'Ruui lines:

1. Must establish and present two breeding pairs minimum.
2. Traits must pass on consistently.
3. Must be healthy enough to reach maturity.
4. Must be 90% genetically pure Ta'Ruui. (See Hybrids)

Ta'Ruui that do not fufill all four criteria are covered by the blanket term 'Mutant', to contain the large variety of Ta'Ruui and their natural or bred for mutations. Some mutants can bring a high price for breeders seeking to successfully designate their own breed.


Hybrids are the crossing between a Ta'ruui and another species, either naturally or artificially. Great care must be taken for a Ta'ruui to not only survive but be successful. They are rare, but are highly successful if all goes well.

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