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Happy New Year! posted on 13 Jan 2018 22:34

Hello everyone and a happy new year! May this one be less bad™! (read more…)

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The 10/10/10 Challenge posted on 22 Oct 2017 04:42

(read more…)

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Temporary Home posted on 13 Oct 2017 02:32

So I've gone ahead and made the decision to pull together an official website and to buy a domain and hosting. It will give me more control and extra options. This site will act as a temporary front, but will transition to just being a Blog/Wiki/Place for WIP's and interacting with others. Additionally I am putting together a twitter, whose feed I will be sticking most likely on the side bar. (read more…)

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We are kinda in one piece posted on 21 Jul 2017 16:29

I think i've changed on how I want the gallery to look about 10 times, and maybe it will change again if I find a better option. Its hard trying to balance allowing for artist comments yet an expandable window that bots can not steal from easily. Hopefully my continual prodding of wikidot will spur better lightbox support so I can have the best of both worlds! (read more…)

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Thunder Rolls posted on 16 Jun 2017 05:21

It's been a particularly rumbly and wet june so far. I've had my hands full with more demands on my time, and some changes in my life. But for the most part all is well. (read more…)

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