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Dreamhowl is a hobby artist who specializes in designing different species and alien monsters. They've been trying to get the critters out of their head to paper for over a decade, and will continue to do so. When not creating as many headworlds as possible, they are face-first in a book or trying to write one. Big ideas and unique sci-fi and fantasy are their primary genres, with a soft spot for old Sci-fi paperbacks from the previous century.

When they are not at play in fiction they are doing their Realjobtm as a Naturalist Interpreter for parks, with roughly 5 years of experience and counting. Alot of that time is spent teaching outdoor skills, local ecology and whatever tickles their fancy. Dreamhowl notes that this is completely different from a Naturist/Nudist, and insists they keep their clothes on at work at all times.

They love cats and dogs equally though for different reasons, has a soft spot for anime and videogames, and insists gummy candy is the superior treat. Dreamhowl also has a really bad habit of reading multiple books at the same time.


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I've run through a couple watermarks, and I am sure I will continue to do so. For consistency, here is a list of my past watermarks. These are not for use, obviously, and are only meant to be informative.

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